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Guild Message of the Day - May 24th
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Order of the Golden Gear News

By: Ironbolt - July 7th

South Gate Outpost Meeting

We'll be having a meeting at our temporary headquarters in the South Gate Outpost. 

By: Relea - June 25th

Midsummer Party Sucess/Ulduar

The Midsummer Party was a blast! Thanks for coming, and have a happy rest of Midsummer Fire Festival. :)

The Gear is going into Ulduar and we need you! Pack your bags and get ready for Northrend! (Sign up on the calendar, lvl 80+ only).

- Relea

By: Ironbolt - June 19th

Returning Home

A cure has been officially announced and we're all allowed to return home!

By: Relea - June 18th

Midsummer Fire Festival!

The Aerie Peak get-together was fun, but it's almost time for the Midsummer Fire Festival! Get your swimsuit and trunks as well as your party attitude and get ready for our Midsummer Fire Festival party at the party-barge in Thousand Needles! Always have fun, but drink and swim responsibly. See you all in-game!

- Relea

  • Twizzlefizz: Aww... What a cute picture.
By: Ironbolt - June 10th

Virus Outbreak in Stormwind City!

((Cheesy warning picture, I'm sorry. :( ))


"Stormwind City and possibly the other capital cities have been hit hard by an unknown virus outbreak. Evacuation plans have been announced. All Gear members are required to meet up at Aerie Peak and no one is to leave until further notice." -Ironbolt

((I'll be out of town from the 10th to the 18th but I'll be on the forums daily! If you have any IC questions/stuff-like-that then make a post about it and i'll be sure to reply! :))


By: Ironbolt - May 31st

KILL'Jaeden? That's right!

The simulations felt like the real deal, alright. We sent the demon lord back to simulation... Nether!

By: Ironbolt - May 22nd

AAAAAHHH! Recruitment!


That's right people. We've been getting a HUGE surge of requests to join the Order. Here's what you need to do if someone asks to join:
1. Ask them to fill out an application on the webstie. (That's here!)
1a. If they aren't level 10, please ask them to fill out an app when they reach level 10.
2. Evaluate their application and correct any mistakes they make with lore or in game knowledge (Only if you're a Mecha-Knight. Send them to an MK or higher ranking member if you're not one.)
3. Have them read over the channel and guild rules.
4. Invite.

By: Ironbolt - April 30th


That's right folks, it went off pretty well! Big thanks to all those who helped out. (Yeah, you'll be getting your pay soon. *grumble*)

By: Ironbolt - April 25th

Noblegarden Ball!

YEP! That's right, our second annual Ball is coming up on Friday and those of you who signed up to help need to be on at 6:00pm server to go over what you need to do. Thanks!

By: Ironbolt - April 5th

NEWS! NEWS! And more NEWS!

Events coming up:
-Cherri and Mitzi's wedding! April 8th, 7:00pm-server
-Etonlar's Funeral.(Former leader of the Amil il Argus.) April 8th 7:30pm-server
-2nd Annual Noblegarden Ball! April 29th, 7:00pm-server

Please sign up for these events on your calendar if you can make it!

I won't be able to make the wedding or funeral sadly as I am going on a short vacation.

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